Curipod swiftly creates interactive slide decks on your topic, featuring polls, word clouds, and more. Free and $15/month plans.

Ippity transforms text or web content into auto quizzes. It generates Q&A from input up to 10,000 characters or URLs. Share quizzes via the app. Free 3 quizzes/month, $2.99/mo for unlimited on Early Bird Plan.

gotFeedback aids teachers in offering personalized, timely, and clear feedback using the gotLearning system. Aligned with research, it ensures goal-oriented, actionable, user-friendly, and consistent insights. Just select content, upload a file, and receive evaluations for teaching or sharing with students.

Discover Runway, an AI-fueled creative hub featuring an array of "AI Magic Tools." Craft videos, images, reimagined visuals, edit videos, slow-motion effects, and more. Interact with tools using text or images, instructing them on desired outcomes. Embrace results for your creative endeavors. Pricing: Free Forever – 125 credits for tool usage

Effortlessly craft questions for YouTube videos, generate various content types instantly, including dialogues, stories, articles across subjects and levels. Create multiple choice, open, and True/False questions swiftly. Explore engaging discussion prompts, facts, and quotes. Spark vocabulary ideas, and design fill-in-the-gap and open-the-brackets exercises. A versatile toolkit for content creation!

Generate limitless questions with QuestionWell. Input text, get Essential Questions, Learning Objectives, multiple choice queries. Export to various platforms!