Never Fall Down Ch. 9 & Ch.10

What is the author’s purpose in including the two conflicting accounts of the war emanating from Sombo’s radio?

The theme of fame arises once again when the leader with the white shorts notices Arn due to the attention he has gotten for his music and dancing, so he tells Arn to come to his house to entertain at his party. What message is being sent about fame in this scene?

Why do Arn, Siv, and Kha kick dirt over their excrement after they eat the sweet potato Arn brings back from the leader’s house?

When the leader allows Arn to ride his white horse to a neighboring camp to deliver a letter, why does Arn not run away?

What new privileges does Arn receive while acting as the leader’s assistant of sorts and what feelings do these new privileges inspire in him?

How is the theme of family shaped and twisted within the narrative when the camp erupts into chaos at the news that the Vietnamese soldiers are close?

When the Khmer Rouge put Arn and 19 other boys into a platoon they call Little Fish with the Big Sting, what thought of Arn’s acts as foreshadowing for the coming carnage?

Describe the parting of Arn and Mek. What is its significance within the course of the narrative?

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