Never Fall Down Ch. 5 & 6

 When the current leader of the camp tells Mek that he and band will soon be going somewhere new, they are all terrified that they will be killed instead and that this is just another instance of the Khmer Rouge’s euphemisms. However, they are not killed and what happens instead introduces the theme of fame into the novel. What happens in lieu of their deaths?

When a new mail carrier comes into camp, he shares some news with Arn. What part of the news does Arn doubt and what is the significance of this doubt?

When Arn sneaks out to tell Mek about the soldier who forced him to cook the liver of a murdered captive, he is caught by a soldier but does not suffer the dire consequences he is expecting. What happens instead and what significance does it hold for Arn?

What is ironic about the fact that the rice crop falls significantly short of the Khmer Rouge’s expectations and they then reduce everyone’s food allotment even further than before?

Who is the emaciated girl with the missing teeth and loose skin who arrives at Arn’s camp and what does he learn from her?

What is the author’s purpose in including the character of the five-year-old child whom Arn finds feasting on the flesh of the dead?

When Arn’s curiosity gets the better of him and he finally asks Sombo the reason for his permissiveness concerning Arn’s behavior, what reasoning does Sombo provide and what is the author’s purpose in portraying Sombo’s character in this particular way?

When Arn determines that he has been away from his home village for two and a half years, how does he reach this conclusion?

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