Never Fall Down Ch. 3 & Ch. 4

  • What are the signs that lead Arn to think that perhaps the Mango Grove is a mass burial site used by the Khmer Rouge to inter their victims?
  • After Arn is chosen by Khmer Rouge leaders to play music in their band, Arn sees there are positive results and negative results of his being chosen. What are they and what does this show about one’s fate under the rule of the Khmer Rouge?
  • How does Arn fix the problem of the new music teacher’s apathy and what effect does this solution have on the band’s members?
  • How is the theme of generosity demonstrated in the scene when the children are finally fed rice in anticipation of their first performance for the Khmer Rouge soldiers?
  • When a soldier from Arn’s home village comes to camp, what does he offer Arn in exchange for some rice and what does Arn learn as a result of accepting his offered deal?
  • When Arn finally realizes the true purpose of the band’s music, he is shocked and saddened. What is that purpose and how does it transform Arn’s idea of the music he plays with the other members of the band under Mek’s guidance?

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