Never Fall Down Ch.1

1. How does Arn describe his village at the opening of the novel before the Khmer Rouge arrive?

2. What do Arn and his little brother Munny do after they sneak in to see the American movie and what happens to make them hide?

3. Before the arrival of the Khmer Rouge in his village, how does Arn feel about the war he knows is being fought outside his town and what does he spend most of his time doing?

4. What does Arn tell the reader about his family background within the exposition part of the story?

5. Though at first, the villagers think that the jeeps and trucks pouring into the village is a good sign and means that the war is over, what is the first thing that happens to make Arn realize that the opposite is true?

6. What ploy do the Khmer Rouge use to get the government soldiers to come to the airport and what happens once they arrive?

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