How math makes movies like Doctor Strange so otherworldly

Read the article then answer the questions below. “How math makes movies like Doctor Strange so otherworldly”

  • Based on Alexis Wajsbrot’s job, what role does a visual-effects artist play in the making of a movie?
  • Based on this story, what’s a main tool that a special-effects artist might use today?
  • What is a fractal? Name examples of fractals in nature — things that look about the same up close and from far away.
  • What is the Mandelbrot Set and who was it named for?
  • Describe how the famous fractal known as “von Koch’s snowflake” is formed.
  • How does the concept of dimension help artists create more realistic landscapes using computer programs?
  • What two mathematical steps are repeated, over and over, in a Mandelbrot Set?
  • What is a Mandelbulb?
  • Give an example of how a Mandelbulb was used in a movie.
  • What qualities should a good visual effects artist have?

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