Bridge Design Project Pt.1

Your first task for this project is to research a bridge that is located in the United States. Select a bridge in the United States from the “Bridge List Bank” below.

Bridge List Bank:

Cooper River Bridge, SC Hoover Dam Bridge, NV US64/264 Manteo Bypass- NC I-40 Bridge, OK
Hathaway Bridge, FL
William H. Natcher Bridge, KY 17th Street Causeway, FL Smart Road Bridge, VA
Iowa River Bridge, IA Brandon Parkway, FL
Clark Bridge, IL
Eads Bridge, MO
Mackinac Bridge, MI

Research your bridge and create a poster on Canva. Your poster needs to include the following:

  • The name of the bridge – At least one picture
  • The year it was built
  • The length
  • The type of bridge
  • The reason why you chose your bridge

Please include a nice looking background that’s is not distracting as well as complimentary text colors. Download your poster as a JPEG file and attach it to the comment section.

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